Saturday, October 21, 2017

In the podcast this week...

Martin is on solo-flight as he reviews PWR Live: Oktoberplex.

In the off-tangent segment (26:15), Martin talks about the NBA Opening Week...and some Norms Balls.

We would also remind you that this episode is sponsored by "Norms Balls": From the gutter to the stars

Note: "Norms Balls" tracks (at 06:00-06:20; 13:50-14:38; and 29:25-end of the show) were written, composed, and performed by Joao Atienza of


Smark Gilas Podcast Review of PWR Live: Oktoberplex with Kel Fabie
PWR Live: Oktoberplex results (c/o
Chicago Bulls suspend Bobby Portis eight games for altercation
Gordon Hayward injury casts pall over opening night thriller

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