Sunday, July 10, 2016

In the podcast this week...

Martin and John discuss the final PWR event at the Makati Cinema Square Arena: PWR Renaissance 2! The duo talk about the following topics:

- The debut of "The Machine" Mavericc Knight

- Jimmy O and Scarlett's rage on their respective footwear

 - The final matches for the PHX Tournament and the new PHX cham...hold on bro!

- Flying Slippers! Sitaw! Flamming Hand Chops! OH MY!

- John Sebastian on being the LEGIT Jack of All Trades of PWR

- They talked about the suplado show before talking about the Warren/Ralph match...which led to both men FORGETTING to talk about the PHX finals (which was won by Ken Warren btw).

- And...Apocalypse, NOW! Links Rappler's PWR Live

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PWR Live Press Conference Review of Renaissance 2
PWR Renaissance 2 review ep of the SGP Podcast


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