Sunday, July 17, 2016

In the podcast this week...

Martin, with John on 'live FB Chat' decide to do a little brand split last June 2016. This is not our predictions (don't be fooled by our previous post at the site) but HOW we would do the brand split if we had control of both brands.

Basically...fantasy booking (90% chance the rosters won't be like this come the draft time).

Why did we hold this episode off until now? Let's just say we thought we could record together sometime last week (but we couldn't).

 Some ground rules we placed for the both of us
- We couldn't draft the WWE Champion (who was Roman Reigns at that time) and the WWE Women's Champion (Charlotte...WOOOO~!) as they will defend their titles on both brands
- We could draft a tag team/stable as one draft pick (ex. The New Day, The Wyatt Family, The Usos, etc.)

 Listen to our first 15 drafts. Check out this link to see how our roster panned out:

Disclaimer: We did this draft last June 9th so yeah...something something hello friend.

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