Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In the podcast this week...

We tell you to go to the Ubuntu Podcast's list of mostly Linux related podcasts.

In the off tangent (starts at 7:10), we talk about the non-linux Podcasts we listen to.

In the other off tangent (starts at 37:30), we talk a bit about VR.

Joao's Non-Linux Podcast List

Cruel and Unusual: A Podcast on Punishment
Nuke the Stars 
Comic Vine
Comic Geek Speak
Pop Culture by Phantasmic Geek
Fatman on Batman
Radio Free Skaro
Magic News Wire
Hardcore History
Select shows from How Stuff Works
Dude Soup
Select shows from Rooster Teeth

AG's Non-Linux Podcast List

The LPV Show 
The Slanted Lens (Trends from the trenches)
The Ziglar Show

If we forgot anything, perhaps tweet us? Or it is most likely a duck duck away.

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