Sunday, October 11, 2020

Meet the Cast

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(Voice actor/Actress - Episode)

Josie Palabyab  - Welcome to exesanonymous by curatorpede
Jayce Alcid - July Red Concrete by collegedearestirene

Rocio Gatdula - Pearly Whites by 82officefortress

Melissa Alba - WordTwister by frankielemonade02

 Kai Moncada - Scribbles in Red by sHrprSt

Malka Bernardo - Where We're Now by Kaizenrin

DJ Navarro - Those Criminal Bambi Eyes by sidekickpunchblock

 Matty Puno - The Birthday Proposal by Legol0rdbu1lder

JP Pascual - Farther by Orpheusong

Steph Manalo - To My Dear, Favorite Jerk by Sh4hr4z4D

Directed by:  Raphy Illusorio and Ava Pelayo

Sound Editing by: Sophia Lorraine Cequeña is Written by: Dr. Joachim Emilio Antonio


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