In the podcast this week... It's a very special podcast episode dubbed "Tales from the MCS" . This episode t...

Jobber Talk Special: Tales from the MCS - MWF

In the podcast this week...

It's a very special podcast episode dubbed "Tales from the MCS". This episode tackles the story of MWF (and a bit of AOWW) during their MCS Arena run back in 2017.

Jobber Talk would like to give thanks to the following guests that participated in this episode: Robin Sane, Mr. Lucha, Veronica Mikers Litton, Tarek El Tayech, William Elvin Manzano, Gigz Stryker, Rex Lawin, Fabio Makisig, Moises Liwanag, Jomar Liwanag, Morgan Vaughn, Frankie Thurteen, Tristan Creed, Kanto "Kilabot" Terror, Khayl Sison, RG, Charles "Ref Chuck" Lagazo, Coach Gus Queens (archived), Ashura (answers dubbed, Mavericc "The Machine" Knight, Dabid "God Killer" Rabena, Ho Ho Lun (archived), Jonathan Guillermo, Michael Bueza, Christopher Sandico Pepper, Ant Sierra, Jag Garcia, Charlie Salmon, and Rolando Alejandro Zamora (THE MAYOR!).

Special thanks to my good friend Joao for allowing me to use a couple of his tracks (intro of this episode & the ending credits) in this episode. Check him out at Third World Linux and Bodega Nights, only on The intro track used is "We Shall Never Fall From Within (The Muse part 1)" - is part of the "Songs that Don't Suck" album that is found on this website (Download it here).

Intro - 0:25
MWF at the MCS - 06:40
MWF Republika - 22:47
MWF YouTube Matches and AOWW- 36:36
MWF Road to Fate - 43:11
MWF Balikbayan- 55:36
MWF Noche Buena - 1:04:13
Ending - 1:17:38



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