Saturday, October 5, 2019

In the podcast this week...

We got to talk to Singapore Pro Wrestling's own Alexis Lee (@02:30) a day before she competes for the World Underground Wrestling (WUW) PH test show at Brawl Pit in Bulusan, Quezon City. She talks about her backstory with pro wrestling, her first two visits in the PH, her WWE tryout, and well done steak!!! We also got to talk with "The Machine" Mavericc Knight and Dabid "Godkiller" Ravena (@21:53) who told us about World Underground Wrestling (WUW) PH, the test show 'DOJO STORM', and the status of Art of War Wrestling (AOWW). This is one packed episode of Jobber Talk and you should NOT miss this!



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WUW Philippines - World Underground Wrestling Philippines
Alexis Lee - Independent Wrestler
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SPW Atonement Queen of Asia Championship: Alexis Lee vs. Riho vs. Crystal

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