Friday, September 27, 2019

In the podcast this week...

It's a very special podcast episode dubbed "Tales from the MCS". This episode tackles the story of PWR's MCS Arena Era. "Tales from the MCS" would like to focus on the voices of those who were there, from the fans to the wrestlers themselves. Listen to what they have to say about their experience in the place called the Makati Cinema Square Arena.

Jobber Talk would like to give thanks to the following guests that participated in this episode: Jake De Leon, Ken Warren, Chris Panzer, Kanto Terror, Mark D. Manalo, John Sebastian, Ralph Imabayashi, Ouel Babasa, James "Idol" Martinez, Super Vintend0, Ro Moran, Stan Sy, Camus, Chino Liao, Hub Pacheco, Leynard Quizon, Peter Versoza, Emjay Lapus, Lance Tan Ong, Julius Yparraguirre, Trian Dela Torre, Evan Carleaux, Tito TT/Hiram, Jonathan Guillermo, Bombay Suarez (archived), Poch Estrada (archived), and Nelson Aman Jr.

Special thanks to my good friend Joao of Atienza Music for allowing me to use a couple of his tracks (intro of this episode, the ending credits, and the Nelson Aman Experience instrumental intro) in this episode. Check him out at Third World Linux and Bodega Nights, only on

Intro - 0:27
Renaissance 2014 - 08:05
Terminus 2014 - 33:54
Vendetta 2015 - 43:08
Wrevolution X -48:42
PWR Live - 58:11
Renaissance 2015 - 1:11:36
Ending - 1:22:00
The Nelson Aman Experience - 1:35:47



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