Saturday, July 6, 2019

In the podcast this week...

For the first time in his podcasting career, Martin guests in the Smark Gilas Pilipinas Podcast to review PWR Live: Pak! Ganern! (@ 01:54) It's the crossover nobody BUT Martin asked for...and it just happened! Check out the review portion in this episode as well as some 'additional content' (@ 64:44) that Martin wants to talk about here.

Special thanks to the SGP Podcast for allowing us to use that portion of their episode as our main content for this week's Jobber Talk. Please support them by checking out on the links below!



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MY SGP Podcast Guesting episode! (Full version)
[Full Match] Vlad Sinnsyk vs T-Hawk (OWE) - PWR Live: Pak! Ganern!

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