Saturday, January 12, 2019

In the podcast this week...

Poch Estrada of PWR makes his Jobber Talk debut. Poch talks about his beginnings as a wrestling fan and his stint as PWR's ring announcer/interview guy. Poch also answers Martin's question about Poch's on-screen chemistry with a certain Wrestling Lord and Savior. Poch talks about his other passion besides wrestling, video games. Poch and Martin also discuss the upcoming project between PWR and Playbook called PWR VS., a video game tournament featuring PWR wrestlers in teams of two to be drafted by PBE|Doujin and Elite.Jules.

Before the main interview, Martin talks about the passing of Mean Gene Okerlund and the Wrestle Kingdom 13 Entrance of Kenny Omega.



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Hopes and Dreams / Save the World (Undertale) - GaMetal Remix (Kenny Omega's WK13 Entrance Theme)
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