Sunday, August 26, 2018

In the podcast this week...

Martin interviews Zayden Trudeau for maybe the final time. By then you guys have known that his match with Koto Hiro tonight would be his final PWR for the foreseeable future. Martin and Zayden talk about a bunch of stuff

- His tag team with Bolt
- Zayden's dream PWR match coming true at WrevoX
- His take on the "Intertextuality" video
- Zayden vs. Ralph and the longest 30 seconds of his life
- Zayden's Historycon 2018 experience
- Who he thinks is a generational talent in the PWR
- and more!



[FULL MATCH] Jake De Leon vs Zayden Trudeau - Wrevolution X 2018
Jake De Leon vs. Zayden Trudeau: Intertextuality in Philippine Pro Wrestling
Fight Sport Manila ft. MWF at Historycon
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