Saturday, November 5, 2016

In the podcast this week... 

Jobber Talk with...MIGS!

We are back on track with our Post-PWR Show Review when Jobber Talk chats with Migs Lopez, one of the founding fathers of PWR's Heckler's Row.

In this episode Martin and Migs will
- Talk about PWR Rennaissance 3 - Talk something besides the point
- Talk something off tangent that's NOT in the off-tangent segment
- Get back to the damn point of reviewing after both are distracted by their surroundings and Joao's FB live commenting
- and much more! 

In the off-tangent segment, we finally say off-tangenty the right place. Bear with us, this is our first time doing an FB Live show.

Believe me..we heavily edited this episode as it is.

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