Thursday, February 11, 2016


10:22 PM - Cramped.
The number of vacant seats measured by the space between our knees.
Passengers sitting back to back on what is effectively a newspaper on the floor.
Somehow, there’s always room for one more passenger.
In this proximity, nothing is really private.
I’m watching a breakup occur via text message.
I’d look away if there was room to turn my head.
He’s tired. she’s tired. I’m tired.
3 hours of sleep leads to the hazy ins and outs of clear thought.
Each one a fragmented part of a whole.
Sweat trickles down my back, a line of moisture rapidly cooling in the night wind.
Enveloped in darkness.
Faces illuminated by devices.
And here we are entertaining ourselves watching others live their lives through a screen.
My knees are digging into someone’s ribs.
There’s room for one more passenger.
This is Radio Norm signing out.

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