Saturday, May 6, 2017

Martin and his guest (Migs) review PWR's latest and BIGGEST show of 2017, PWR Wrevolution 2017.

They discuss the following

 - The awesome new blood of PWR
- New PWR Tag Team Champions - From Golden Boy to The Golden Target
- The New PWR Champion and how this was the best "full circle" moment for Chris Panzer.

 In the off-tangent segment...well...doesn't matter. Check it out yourself


PWR Wrevolution X Writeup from
The site where i ripped off this episode's intro song (check: Survivor Know it alls) 


 Disclaimer: Episode may contain words/language/dialogues not suitable for young audience or may be found offensive. We would like to assure the listeners that there was NO malice intended with certain jokes/asides from this episode. Listener's discretion is advised. All views/opinions in this episode are that of the hosts and do NOT reflect that of or any affiliated companies/brands/things that the two people may also be associated with in real life.



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