Thursday, November 30, 2017 Official Statement Regarding Norm’s Balls Inc. and Jobber Talk

We would like to acknowledge that Norm’s Balls Incorporated has served a “cease and desist” letter specifically to Mr. Martin V of Jobber Talk for using copy-written material without their prior consent as well as inappropriate means of shilling or product placement of “Norm’s Balls” in his podcast. This site would also like to acknowledge the fact that Mr. Joao Atienza, the host of Third World Linux, did score and perform the two songs of Norm’s Balls. He has turned over the songs’ rights to Norm’s Balls Incorporated for their commercial use or otherwise.

The letter was given to us hours before we uploaded the November 11th episode of Jobber Talk, giving little time to send any heads up to the host. We sincerely apologize to the host and his listeners of the late notification.

It was the site’s prerogative to censor the host’s utterance of the product (Norm’s Balls) and other certain products that we felt at that time would be offended upon being mentioned in the said episode. was made aware that Jobber Talk’s host has been posting inappropriate remarks of our sponsors on his personal social media profile after the said episode. The site also is aware of the way he attempted to pressure his co-host Joao in the recent Bodega Nights episode to reveal on air the specific issues stated in the letter. The site uses his right of privacy on more details inside the letter. With these two instances it is clear to us that Mr. Martin’s unbecoming behavior is starting to be a problem for this website.

His unbecoming behavior in the past few weeks might result in the show Jobber Talk not to be part of this podcast network’s lineup for 2018. 

This site hopes that Martin shall change his behavior and remember that this website was created not for hateful rhetoric but out of, in the words of Third World Linux host A.G., “doing things #ForLove”.  If he continues this unbecoming behavior, we may have to be forced to cut ties with Jobber Talk and its host after the end of this year. As much as we appreciate his efforts to keep this site alive with content, we too would appreciate his cooperation and end this supposed blood feud with our sponsor.

Thank you.

- Administrative Crew